if i have to be thinking about christmas this early, why shouldn’t you…

don’t go in search of the baby this christmas

look for the love
which comes unexpectedly
and in the dirtiest places;

which is born
from the wombs
of those we would never expect.


  1. you know, I think that’s the best thing I’ve ever seen you write.
    so simple, so gorgeous.
    thank you cheryl

  2. In a world where power, privilege, status & etc are held in high regard, once again we attempt to tell an ancient story in a way that will impact this strange time in history.
    The message of humility, grace, service & self sacrifice have somehow never been more relevant.

  3. What caught me in your verse, was a prompting that whilst I am currently ridiculously busy preparing our community carols by candlelight event, I had actually forgotten to meditate on the most important thing, i.e. why am I doing this! I was on auto pilot

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