if it’s tuesday…

It seems we’re already half way through jonny’s visit. How did that happen so fast? It’s been pretty full on so far… a great trip to Tassie [if a little too rushed], a full day of workshops and conversations in the synod office yesterday, and the Upper Room last night, a radio interview today…back into workshops tomorrow…

I’ve been thinking over the last few days that we’ve seen quite a remarkable change over the last year or so: people no longer see the possibilities of alt worship and new forms of community as a threat to what’s already existing… it feels like there’s a new sense of grace or liberation emerging. Jonny’s been using the language of the church as a mixed economy – not everyone has to be alternative, not everything has to change – and that resonates with the change in atmosphere. I’m not sure how the change has happened over the last year, but i don’t think come out of desperation – out of a belief that the church will die if we don’t – which i think is a good thing. I’m not sure that many initiatives born of desperation have the strength to last past the first adrenaline rush.

Interestingly, i think tassie’s further on the way down the path than victoria… and what’s happening there is largely lay led, not driven by the ordained – or, perhaps more accurately, it’s seen as a shared journey, not one where someone has authority or wisdom over the other.

Tassie was a fabulous trip – there’s lots of stuff happening on the ground, just bubbling up from out of nowhere. It would be a tragedy to think the church had to put an official imprimateur on it in order to validate it… Maybe the task of the church isn’t to give permission for the new to happen, it’s to stand back and let there be space for the new to grow, and to buffer it from those who say it can’t happen. I’m really looking forward to getting down there again soon.

Jonny’s written a description of things so far… and posted some gorgeous photos. it really was that beautiful…


  1. Hi Cheryl,
    Yesterday was a great day and the seminars by Jonny Baker were filled to the brim with ideas and insight. Keep up the good work. And now a question – how do our delightful older folk in our Uniting Church communities get connected with the wider community in adventure kind of God experiences. Ohay, they already do some alternative worship and lots of social action – op shops, refugee help, but there’s more out there.

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