i’m working offsite for the next few weeks…

having said in the last post that there’s a small part of me that doesn’t want to go away, i have to say there’s a large part of me that’s pretty damn excited.

i’m leaving on Sunday to head over to the UK. This trip is based around going to Greenbelt. I went a couple of years ago and it was a pivotal inspiration for this project. There are so many people i’m looking forward to hearing, and many more i’m looking forward to meeting face to face.

I’ll be speaking in the New Forms Cafe on Sunday at 4pm about alternative worship and wild spaces.

After Greenbelt, i’ll be spending a few days travelling around England, seeing what’s happening in different places. that’s going to be great.

and then i’m off to Germany (my first time!), to visit the people of Kubik, at the very kind invitation of Mark Reichmann, who wants to convince me that German beer is best…

i’m hoping somewhere in there i’ll get a chance to go back to glasgow, where i’ve spent a fair bit of time over the last few years.

and i’m looking forward to ending up in belfast, hopefully to get a tiny insight into ikon, and to catch up with jools hamilton.

my boss just told me that above all, he wants me to have fun. it will be fun. what i’m looking forward to most, though, is conversations with people who will inspire, challenge and share their wisdom with me. what i’ve really appreciated from opportunities like this in the past is seeing the reality that exists behind blogs and websites… the day to day fragility and strength of people trying new stuff, imagining a different way of being. it makes me feel much less alone… and it always pushes my thinking about what we’re doing here.
it’s going to be busy. if there’s time, i’ll blog my way through it. otherwise, i’ll be back in 5 weeks…


  1. Have a wonderful time Cheryl! I hope to come to Greenbelt sometime in the next couple of years…maybe we’ll meet there.
    Blessings sister,
    If you meet up with Matt Rees (home) or Ian Mobsby (moot) tell them hi from me.

  2. Cheryl

    i will… a greenbelt linkup in the next couple of years would be very fun!

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