imagination, dreams and faith

they say –
the people who know these things
– that when you die in a dream
you wake up to your life.

what is the dream
i need to let die
for my life to be lived?

for secrets and dreams

I’m back from a few days away, a stolen holiday in a month of chaos. They’re always the best holidays, i think – when it feels absurd to go away right now, but you choose to do it anyway.

I had breakfast with Sarah and Michelle while i was away. I was describing the basement spaces we do here in Melbourne, and I realised, as I was doing so, that we’ve moved on from where we were a while ago. I don’t think faith, in its traditional sense, has come up at all in our conversations about this next space. It’s to do with being human – and more importantly, for those of us who are working on it, it’s a space to cultivate and explore our own imaginations. I think that matters because imagination is the core to our own survival in the days between spaces.

Of course, imagination is one of the great acts of faith…

Jonny Baker has a new book out, Curating Worship. It offers an explanation of what worship curation involves, and then includes a collection of interviews with people and groups from around the world who curate worship and installations. i’m really looking forward to reading it [and not just because our basement space group is part of it!]. It’s released on Amazon, etc., in a few weeks, but first copies are out through Go buy…


  1. It was good to see you too, and I loved your explanation of creating space for imagination. I am hosting a gathering of various people from Adelaide next weekend – a gathering that grew out of Sarah, Craig and me connecting during the 2008 UK trip, and when I invited people I told them that they were being invited because they were “progressive, ecumenical, emerging … or just different” (it was intended as a compliment!)… when I think about it, they are all people who imagine something beyond what is, and it is a privilege to create a space for conversation between these dreamers. Best wishes for your next basement space.

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