in saying yes to love

written for the lovely Taryn and Gareth to use as a reflection at their wedding…

There is a way of looking at the world
which takes great faith to see:

before all time began,
the word love was breathed into the universe,
and in every time since then,
its echo is waiting to be told.

And in childish dreams we long for love
to find us
tightly scripting our hopes by poetry and love songs
never imagining the courage it takes
to make the words of love our own.

Because in saying yes to love –
until death do us part –
we choose that the paper our story is written on
will, from now on, be kindness,
that the ink that writes our next pages
will forever be grace,
and that the words that fill and shape our lives
will be patience
and justice
and forgiveness…

And in the moments – because they will come –
when the ink runs out
and the paper is crumpled
and the story of love feels like it has no words left to be told,
may the silence that stretches before us
be filled with the faith
of the echo
of the memory
of the love

spoken into the world
before all time began.


  1. Bron

    Thanks Cheryl .. I have a nieces wedding coming up shortly and I would love to use this .. may I?
    I have missed your thoughtful givings .. they bless this weary soul.
    Bless ya .. Bron.

  2. Christina

    Hi Cheryl, I would love to use this for a wedding too. Thanks for these beautiful, pregnant words.

  3. Olenka

    I was looking for simple and reflective prayers for my upcoming marriage, and found your site through a friend’s recommendation. Would you mind if I used this prayer as part of our service? It says so much, but so simply – it’s beautiful.

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