In the Age today… and Coming Soon tonight

i’ve written a Christmas feature for the Sunday Age, which is online here – its beginning point is why people go to church twice a year… and it wanders on from there for a couple of thousand words.

Coming Soon is on tonight in the basement at 130 Little Collins Street, between 3 and 6.

I hope to have time to put up photos tomorrow, but i’m also going out to the Alfred hospital tomorrow afternoon to be part of the Christmas worship in the acute psych ward, and then to the men’s prison on Christmas morning. It’s busy. And i have tonsilitis… and, much more importantly, i also have the new ipod touch to spend my time playing with…


  1. Kevin Dobson

    I really appreciated reading the article in Sunday’s Age. A much needed reminder for our sec ular world where the Christ is if little value and materialism is important.
    Keep up the good work
    Have a great Christmas

  2. Michelle

    One word – amen! – as I prepare for my twice yearly trip to church 🙂

  3. “People don’t want conversations about Mary’s virginity; they want to join her in saying “yes” to the impossible, to life being born and to hope being made real, even in our world today.”

    Yes! Very inspiring article Cheryl.

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