it gives me hope

It gives me hope to believe that Mary did not always want to be pregnant.
Not at first. Not really.

It gives me hope to believe that Mary’s ‘yes’
was not always wholehearted.
That even though her body embraced this promise –
every cell of it –
her mind simply couldn’t.

It gives me hope to believe that maybe those first days or weeks
were coloured with despair and confusion
hopelessness and fear
too sharp and raw and private to ever be told.

It gives me hope to believe that one day
Mary woke
not quite knowing herself without the familiar feeling of dread

and found herself
inexplicably bathed
in irrational


  1. Blair

    Thanks for this meditation, it’s beautiful Cheryl. I feel the same way about Mary’s journey.
    =) B

  2. Dave w

    i wish i could glimpse more than but a tiny piece of what it means for a woman to resonate with such an experience, let alone enter mary’s story at all. thankfully though this sacredness is for all women to cherish, and for us men to ponder…

    thank god, you came by a woman…

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