it takes faith

this is for worship i’m leading next week for the cfm staff gathering

it will take grace to let others here be different to our expectations of them
so we pray for grace

it will take courage for each of us to live beyond the story we know of ourselves
so we pray for courage

it will take wisdom to believe we don’t have all the answers
so we pray for wisdom

it will take hope to believe our future is not yet determined
so we pray for hope

in the story of god all expectations are defied
all things are made possible
the whole world is made new

it will take faith to live as though this can be our story
and so we pray for faith.


  1. Margaret

    I’ve just discovered this blog while looking for ways to run an interfaith vespers service on a mission trip to Guatemala (we’re leaving tomorrow!). This prayer is superb, and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

  2. This is a beautiful prayer! I found you through jonny baker’s blog. So glad I did.

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