it’s been a bit of a year

It’s a year this sunday since the fires. The anticipation of a heartbreaking anniversary is often much worse than its reality, so i’m posting this today.

I’d thought i’d inevitably write something in honour of it – perhaps something about what we know now – but i realise that i don’t know anything, except that we’re human; frighteningly and amazingly human… and how foolish i was to think before last year that i knew what fragility and resilience looked like. And how foolish i am to imagine that because i’ve seen just a fragment of that humanness, fragility and resilience up close over the last year, that i even now have any knowledge of it.

So instead of words, just silence. and a prayer to something, someone – perhaps just to life itself – of both anger and gratitude that this is what being human is. And love to those who know that so much more than me.


  1. I spent a year waiting to find something out. I found out that I know what I always knew, I am who I always was.

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