1. Greg the Explorer

    I said more than posted a link – I siad she had an interesting experience with facebook and asked if you fouind it easy to navigate, for some reason that was left off the post!

  2. bec

    That was supposed to be a tongue poking out…dunno why it went berko like that…

  3. bec

    I spend far too much time on the web already…facebook and myspace terrify me with their potential to provide hours of fun and procrastination!!

  4. Cheryl

    i have to say that i don’t quite get the point of it yet…

  5. I signed up for MySpace because I couldn’t afford to build a website for my first book and I have to say it has been a very good marketing tool. So, I recommend it as a free means for people to promote a band, record label, book, event and other similar projects where promotion is key to the success of the venture. But I also see the major downsides and can see how if one is not careful all this can be an extreme time waster.

    I don’t get face book, Friendster, and the other social networking tools though at all.

  6. Greg the Explorer

    bec yes I am your own personal cyber-stalker

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