just what is the alternative worship project?

The alternative worship project is an adventure into a different way of worshipping…

We’re doing it because we know things are changing.
In our worship, the ancient rituals and stories of our faith have most often been surrounded with words and images that will give us knowledge and understanding to deepen our faith. But more and more people are telling us that they don’t make sense of their lives and faith in these ways at all. Instead of being persuaded by a system of belief, for instance, or wanting information or explanations about the stories of our faith and their connection to life, people are looking for worship that simply offers an encounter with the stories of faith in a space that encourages them to discover God within them.
The alternative worship project is exploring how the church can offer worship for those of us whose faith is made real by encountering the ancient stories and rituals tangling with the images and stories of life today.


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