Just Worship


Mark Pierson has just sent through some more details of Just Worship – a World Vision event that’s happening in New Zealand this June. I’m really looking forward to it… You can register here.

This is not a conference. It is a gathering of people involved in or interested in designing and delivering (curating) worship that encourages people to engage with God and with the issues facing their world. The programme will allow time for interaction among participants.
The Gathering is intended to shift participants (punters) understanding of corporate worship from being primarily a static and front-led event, to being an art form that is interactive and participatory. Its not about changing to a particular style of worship but enhancing what you already have. It will also introduce participants to ways of creating sacred spaces outside of church buildings.
To expose punters to new possibilities and get the conversations started we have invited a small group of practitioners to show us what they have been doing in worship events both inside church buildings and in public spaces.