know any artists?

i’ve been talking by email with Daniel from Germany who will be in Australia with his partner from the end of November until the middle of January. While they are here, Daniel will be doing some research on artists in Christian communities – more specifically thinking about “how artists all over the world live out what we call “church”, and if communities of faith can create a structure of relationships where the unsettled way of artist’s life can be carried and kept”.

Daniel will be travelling to Perth, Port Macquarie and Newcastle, and is wondering whether there might be artists who are part of Christian communities in those places who would be open to having a conversation about their experiences. I know quite a few in Victoria, but not many in other places around the country… so if you know people it would be good for Daniel to meet (or if you’d like to meet Daniel yourself!), send me an email and i’ll forward your email on. My email address is in the sidebar under ‘useful things to know’.