i’ve just come from a Catholic Religious Education Coordinators conference in Clayton, where i was part of a three person panel. we were each invited to talk about how a story in the bible has shaped our faith and life. The other two on the panel were Rebecca Forgasz, a Jewish Rabbi who is curator at the Jewish museum here in Melbourne, and Jup, who is studying with the Jesuit College here in melbourne, before returning to Cambodia to work with refugees. I felt so lucky to be listening to their stories (and to be invited to tell mine). i wonder why we don’t do more of that…

Rebecca made a great comment towards the end of our time. She said “the bible stories are told so laconically… they don’t give any detail. they leave space between each sentence where we can add in our story.”

I read something similar about this yesterday: Space between the notes

i was thinking on the way back that if someone were to ask me what the essence of good worship is, having ‘space between the notes’ would be a big part of it.