Last Supper

As mentioned before, Pete Rollins will be in Melbourne for some of January… which is just around the corner.

If you’re interested in meeting Pete and hearing him talk about all things theological, the best spot to do that will be at the Last Supper (similar in form to the last supper’s held at ikon) on January 14 at a Northcote venue. Pete will be talking about some of the stuff he’s writing at the moment (and no doubt dipping into his previous book), and we’ll be deciding at the end whether to crucify him. This is limited to 12 people… it’s a fabulous chance for an in depth (but not intimidating) conversation about theology. it’s open to anyone, but you must email me at if you want to come.

if you’re interested in a more relaxed ‘meet pete and have a drink night’, with a bit of a conversation about alternative worship / post modern ‘shapes’ of faith community, etc, you’ll have the chance to do that on January 15. The numbers for this one aren’t limited, but it would be good to know you’re coming! email me at the above address for details.