a reminder about the Easter Saturday sacred space / art installation… saturday april 7, in the basement at 130 Lt Collins Street


We met yesterday to keep planning the installation. some parts of it are just wonderful – i love it when we all have the same idea at the same time, even though we’re all approaching the space from different perspectives…

the different perspectives cause some moments of tension – perhaps tension’s too strong a word… perhaps it’s more a cloudiness, when you realise that your assumptions are different to someone else’s.

these, for us, were… at what point do we introduce hope? do we want to show hope [however dimly] from the very entrance? if not, where’s the turning point?

does it matter if a video is 30 minutes long [it’s of the 30 minutes before the sun rises, when the blackness turns to grey], and people won’t get to see it all? will people ‘get it’, if they only stay in that space for 5 minutes? Does it matter that they might not see the progression we’re aiming for?

is something worth doing even if there’s a chance people won’t ‘get it’?

[i always say yes… mostly because i don’t think that what we do is about people ‘getting it’. and what people ‘get’ is rarely what we think they’re going to. others say no, for reasons that i’m sure are as valid as mine]

the best thing about yesterday is that we pushed some of these issues through, and came out with better stuff at the end. it’s in the tension and the pushing that the layers evolve. and it’s always the layers, the icing on the cake, that give something its brilliance.

not that i’m saying it’s going to be brilliant… but i do feel really inspired by how it’s evolving.

hope you can come.


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