let it be enough

it takes little faith to see the sacred in the extraordinary.

to have faith the sacred is in the ordinary, though,
takes courage to believe the mundane can be enough;
that grace can emerge
even through the dull,
the slightly disappointing,
the not quite right,
not quite as we intended,
not really what we hoped;
the clumsy,
the awkward,
and the imperfect.

let your act of faith be to let what you do be enough.

let what you do be enough…

and this quote from carter heyward has been swimming around my head today:

And you whose spirit is sad and unsure,
try to remember
the very best parts of your life, the loveliest
feelings in your body self,
occasions of bold delight and quiet confidence,
moments of unambivalent commitment and unrestrained joy.

Try to remember when you have believed passionately in
something or someone human or divine.

Try to imagine that someone now believes in you
because she trusts your loveliest feelings
– commitments, confidence, joy.

She goes with us as we are called forth to go, with one another,
evoked by historical memory
and voices audible only to ears
that can hear the power of God in history.

Her name is love.


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