light in the darkness – christmas day in the prison

christmas day_1cover

The story tells us
that it’s those who wait in the world’s shadows
who are the first to know of the Christ-child,
born into darkness
bringing great light.

So we gather as those who carry the rumour of peace
and the truth of love
into a world longing for light.
We gather as those who pray for the justice
another is waiting for,
who speak the hope another needs to breathe.

This is a pdf of the handout for Christmas day in the prison… there’s a reflection in the middle which isn’t included in the handout, which is made up of questions – what do you need to hear from the story [that the birth of God is told first to those who the world would least trust and believe? that love can be born even when it seems impossible?], and what do you need to say yes to [the gift of peace? the promise of justice?].

And yes, we’re singing – which i suspect will be a monumental disaster! But the lovely thing about doing stuff in the prison is that the men are much more forgiving than any other group i’ve worked with…


  1. Sandy Boyce

    Hi Cheryl, Thank you for sharing this – wonderful imagery, and words. You bring a wonderful gift of word crafting that really touches the soul. Thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas. Cheers, Sandy

  2. Sue

    I comment here rarely but I always read. I just wanted to say Cheryl that you guys inspired me with the way you give yourselves to these blokes in prison. It’s awesome.

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