liturgy for Marngoneet chapel blessing

here’s a pdf of the liturgy for the multi-faith blessing of the chapel at Marngoneet prison yesterday: (1mb download) marn_order_comp2.pdf

it went really well. it was stressful – i was very aware i was putting words into the mouths of people (and faiths) i barely knew… not a recommended approach. they were all very gracious.

The covenant for the chaplains is an adaptation of the Wesleyan covenant; “Can I weep here?” was taken from a resource offered by the chapel at the Peter Mac.


  1. Dave w

    what a beautifully created liturgy & resource. I hope one day i can be in a situation that sees the liturgy speak so profoundly to the situation and across culture/faith tradition divides. a great priviledge to be a part of I bet! thanks for sharing it with us.

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