we’re in London… there’s a tube strike… this is the only point of the trip where travel has got messy, so i can’t complain!

we spent 24 hours in Manchester on Sunday, and could have spent far longer – it’s an amazing city, and Sanctus is pretty extraordinary. i’ll write more about that later… today we’re meeting with Jonny Baker for lunch, and then the group begins to leave.

These are a few things i don’t want to forget from the last couple of weeks:
– the stuff we’ve seen that has legs has, in every case, begun with a question ‘what would church look like in this place’, not ‘how do we do worship in the city’.
– most people would have been willing to give up the denomination if they had to, in order to create the communities they have. excuses like ‘we couldn’t do that in the uniting church’ have no credence.
– none of the groups are in their final shape. there’s always something new forming, something to be given up…

[and mike’s been taking photos as we’ve gone along…]


  1. Despite my worrying and getting up too early, I got to Heathrow by bus with no worries, tube strike or no. I even had a blast in the hour I spent queueing at check in talking with Iain Archer and the band. (Apparently my name is “on the door” for the Sno Patrol gig on the 17th!)

    I still have few words for just how excellent this adventure has been. I better find some soon, because people are getting impatient!

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