longing for night

i long for night
for the darkness to claim the light
so i can rest from hiding from the gaze of the world
the cracks and dirt of my life

i long for night
to no longer be able to see
where i end
and the shadows begin

i long for night
for the whispered confidences
that can be shared only when the harsh light of day
can’t mock their half known truth

i long for night
for the hours of sleeping
where i do not need to know
or be, or do, or have.

this is the longest day.
i pray the night will come.


  1. Mary Hinkle Shore

    There’s a wild dissonance to reading this from my home in Minneapolis, MN, USA. We’re expecting a foot of snow in the next couple of short days and long nights. Thanks for helping me see the grace in the darkness.

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