magnetic fields

Last night in a biological psych tutorial we studying magnetic fields produced by the brain. Every connection between neurons in the brain produces an electrical charge [that’s every thought, every learning, every choice, every memory]. That’s how we can do EEGs to see what’s happening in the brain. With every electrical charge comes a corresponding magnetic field [that’s the rule, apparently]. And although magnetic fields rapidly lose their force, with distance from their source, they never completely dissipate. So every thought and every memory you and I have produced – indeed every thought ever produced – is still living on in an infinitesimal magnetic trace, somewhere in the universe.

Imagine that. Imagine whose memories you are walking in now. Imagine what traces of thoughts and loves and desires are still held in the space you are living. Imagine what thoughts and loves and desires you are leaving for those to come.

My new years’ resolution this year was to be kind wherever possible [it’s always possible… and still i fail]. I just wanted to remind myself of that: to live as though my thoughts will be present in the world for the ages to come. Because they will.