since i began this project 2 1/2 years ago, i’ve had coffee with mark pierson pretty much every week. we’ve curated worship together, designed resources, planned events, swapped gossip, stories, wisdom, tips, equipment, ideas… he’s been a source of sanity, a fabulous collaborator, and a dear friend.

mark’s finishing up as executive director of urbanseed next week, and heading back to auckland to take some time off [though his definition of ‘time off’ is fairly loose]. on my way back from having lunch with him today, i realised that i can’t imagine having an idea and not sharing it with mark… i’m going to have to find another way of bouncing ideas and half formed thoughts around… it’s a very weird thought. thank god for email.

lest we get too sentimental… at a farewell soiree that mark held a couple of weeks ago he had a display board up of old photos… i took a picture of one on my mobile phone. it’s too good not to share, even if he never talks to me again…



  1. bec

    ROFLMAO!! 😆 That’s fantastic!!!

    Does that mean that black is the new white?!

    on a more serious note…have you come across skype? It’s my saviour for “talking” to friends around the world during the day…only my new employer won’t let me download it (even though I wanted to download it for work purposes!!)r

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