Reasons why I want to thank Eve for eating the apple:

Imagine a world where there was only a garden
every day

where knowledge existed only of what was right in front of you

no need to make choices
no need to weigh up the bad and the not so bad
the good and the brilliant

no need for the wisdom
that comes from understanding my own choices
and potential
and nuance
and courage

no need for Breaking Bad
or The Wire

no need for the generosity of forgiveness
for the richness and depth that comes from letting someone be more,
and letting ourselves let go

imagine never tasting an apple
or apple pie
or apple cider

imagine never needing to understand consequences
and existing with the not knowing
of what I am capable of
and what I am missing out on

imagine never needing to attempt to understand another person
and what drives them
and never needing to imagine another person’s world
and to acknowledge how limited my imagination can be

no need to experience my own limitations
and to test them beyond themselves

no need ever to move beyond here.