mission now forum

I’m speaking at the Mission Now forum on November 5, at St Michael’s here in the city. I spoke at one of these forums earlier in the year, introducing the concepts behind communal justice, and developing it as a framework for the church’s mission. The forums have continued the theme of communal justice throughout the year, exploring how it works in different parts of the church’s work: with mental health, indigenous issues, multicultural tensions, etc. This is the final forum of the year, and the intention of the day is to explore new language that will offer healing and restoration to the world… I think that’s a gentle way of saying ‘evangelism that doesn’t suck’.

I’m part of a panel, and also presenting on the day. I’m going to use part of the epilogue to Karen Armstrong’s book, The case for God, as pre-reading for participants.

The irony is, i’m less and less sure about the capacity of language and words to do anything… The argument about evangelism in the tradition I belong to has always been about the tension between words and actions [show them you’re christian / tell them you’re christian]. with the demographics i work with [including those in prison], neither is transformative, both seem strangely out of place. We have to find the third way.