more on the fires…

Mike and Claire and the boys are ok, which is wonderful. Thousands of others aren’t. The truth is, it’s completely irrelevant whether i know the people affected or not. The death toll is terrifying, and rising, and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of houses destroyed.

They say that god is what happens in the aftermath of the apocalypse. So we wait. It will take something beyond human capacity to help communities recover from this. Clothing and blankets help, of course, but I don’t know how you recover from standing in front of relentless, inescapable 70 foot flames – how you live now you’ve faced your vulnerability in the light of an unstoppable hell; how you recover from the fear that literally destroys everything in its path.


  1. Kel

    completely irrelevant? maybe
    perhaps in a disaster of this magnitude, sometimes the only way we can begin to comprehend it is to put faces and names to it, to personalise the statistics,
    so that we become less anesthetised

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