my god, my god, why have you forsaken me…

Thinking about Good Friday. It’s all very black so far.

Either Jesus was mistaken, or God really did leave the building…

Alternative meanings for ‘forsake’, from the dictionary:

dispense with
wash one’s hands of
give up
do away with.

My God, my God, why have you disowned me…

i think most of the stuff around this passage is to do with the feeling of being abandoned, or with justifying the god who was uncovered through the staying, or with the angle of the fulfilment of the prophecy, etc.

the idea of god giving up on the idea of jesus is pretty powerful stuff…

So you, Jesus,
– hanging,
broken –
are the only god we are left with,

and you are about to die.

we pray for the faith to wait at the foot of your cross
so you will not die unwitnessed

we pray for the faith to hold vigil for your life
so all you lived for
will not be in vain

and we pray for the faith to not go searching
for a god less human,
yet absently divine.