naming it and claiming it

the things in my life
to which i have said no
over and over
before relinquishing to a
faint, reluctantly inevitable
have been the best
– by far –
things i’ve done.

i so hope this will be like this too.

I’m changing jobs at the end of the year – i’ll still be with the UCA, still working from the same office, just changing titles and some tasks. i’ll no longer be part of the culture and context unit [for which i feel a deep sadness], though I’ll continue working on basement spaces and spirituality, and i’ll be taking on some broader responsibilities. The title intimidates me, just a little: Associate Executive Director of the Commission for Mission. It’s an unexpected move, and certainly not one i sought. But i’m here, i’ve said yes, and i’m grateful.

I’ll be in the prison again tonight and on Sunday. I’ll put up the services early in the new year. And hopefully next year there’ll be time to collate all the resources for prisons into some kind of printed collection…

Until then, this is a prayer for the start of the space on christmas day:

We light the Christ candle:
our act of faith
that love is born into the world today,
lighting the darkness of our story
with its justice, hope and peace…


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