next year

So the requests keep rolling in, and each one of them is really worth doing.

I was saying to someone this morning that there are probably 8 different shapes this position could take at the moment, and most of them would be really worthwhile. It was in that same conversation that the overwhelmed-ness of the last few weeks (which hasn’t been a bad space, just a cluttered one) suddenly cleared, and the idea that was always just waiting around the corner had some space to appear.

I’m thinking that next year we might run an alternative worship “course” here in Melbourne (it won’t be a “course”, I’m just spending too long looking for the right word at the moment!).


  1. craig mitchell

    if i was in Melbourne – yes! still trying to find people here in addition to Saint Geoff who want to do anything!

  2. Yeah I’d be interested for sure. I’m sure if you advertised through a few blogs you could get a few people keen.

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