not yet enough

preliminary thinking for an event next year…

i turned off the highway
that went through the centre

there was no forethought
and no consultation

just a moment’s decision
with no going back.

i would like to find myself here
as the stories suggest
but the truth is, i know only that I am
as I always was

and I search for the romance,
and glamour,
for the epic tale of discovery
to be heralded with statues
and made into the object of history lessons –

but my search just leaves me with blistered feet
sunburnt skin
and a naked soul.

and giving up hope that i will be heard
i whisper all that is left into the air:
all desires condensed into one –
to not be here

and my words move through the air
reflecting off unseen surfaces
until they form a mocking inflection
and wrap their tendrils around me;

until the air itself
echoes my prayer

that is all there is

and it’s not yet enough.


  1. Itsjust

    your rite “its not yet enough”
    but despite the sunburnt skin, the some times mocking inflections and I doubt there will ever be statues! I think its wonderful that with out forethought or consultation a few simple turns has brought us to

    “not yet enough”

    looking forward to the next turn and hope there is no end to the road insight.

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