nothing more

I was asked yesterday, by someone who likes categories, ‘what I am’.
I am agnostic at my centre, I replied, with Christian leanings.

Which makes sense of why Lent is my favourite time of year.
This is a random stream of consciousness to mark its beginning.

Here we are
at the beginning of the journey
into the wilderness
of being just us:
ending as surely as we began.

How do we ever forget this?

And the wilderness stretches ahead,
familiar and new,
and we take the first step by dropping
all we think can save us

it’s all too heavy to carry,
and we are tired already in our dogged attempts
to avoid
and accept
truths too hard
for knowing.

we gasp for air
and water
and rest

we wish we were at the end
and we know we already are.


  1. sarah agnew

    I audibly released a deep sigh, reading these words.
    thank you.

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