on hospitality and generosity

it’s a funny thing, going to a christian event and knowing only three people… greenbelt is the only event at which i’ve ever done that. i’ve always been one of the ones who knows people – only because i’ve been around forever. of course, as a shy introvert, that can sometimes be a challenge… and because i’m a shy introvert, my natural preference at greenbelt would probably be to slip under the radar and just watch (which i love doing – don’t feel sorry for me!), but there are some fairly clear expectations from my employing body which make that impossible!

the hospitality and welcome from people, even before getting to Greenbelt, has been quite overwhelming… my phone is full of numbers of people to ring for drinks, meals, tea, etc. and it will be so lovely to be doing it all with Taryn, who will be a familiar australian accent in the midst of it all.

it’s a healthy reminder of how daunting and intimidating it can be to go somewhere unknown (and of what it costs people to do that) … and that hospitality is as simple as an email, out of the blue, saying ‘we’ll be at the tiny tea tent at 5.30 tonight’.


  1. I’m definitely more of a watcher and listener myself. Sometimes people have difficult understanding that sometimes I prefer being left alone. On the other hand, in a strange place, it is always nice to have those one or two people you recognize.

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