this is not a political blog, but for things like this i figure you have to use any means you can.

the australian government has an appalling, embarrassing record of policies regarding asylum seekers and refugees. the united nations and amnesty international repeatedly condemn the policies, which basically involve mandatory detention for any asylum seekers, in conditions that are sub human, often for years until their applications for refugee status are considered. A massive percentage of asylum seekers end up being judged to be legitimate refugees – far more than are not – but in a sense that’s irrelevant. No person should be treated like that.

especially a child.

i was involved in the campaign to remove children from detention centres a couple of years ago. i’d been stung into action when i read the report from a commission on the effects of detention centres on children – it included excerpts from interviews with children as young as 8 or 9 that demonstrated irreversible psychological damage, an absolute loss of hope and reality. There were documented cases of children – young children – who were attempting suicide.