Peter Carey…

in a fabulous interview on 774ABC yesterday:

‘I don’t write to express myself, i write to investigate an idea’

[someone has been talking with me recently about what my process is for writing. Peter Carey’s comment made sense of it for me… when i start an article, or a piece of liturgy, i start with an idea or a thought and then see where it goes. the end of a prayer is not my starting point. which is why i get hopelessly tangled in formal liturgy – it’s never guaranteed that a god that bears any resemblance with anyone else’s idea of god will actually show up in a prayer i write, and i no longer have a vested interest in making sure any god turns up at all. i just want to see where a thought or moment might go… ]


  1. “I write to investigate an idea.”

    That is brilliant. Thanks for the thoughts.

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