planes, cranes and automobiles


more later, when there’s space to breathe, but to begin with, these are some photos mike took from the first of the spaces from Coming Soon. the space was based on Isaiah 2:3-5, the swords into ploughshares passage.


can you see the little glowing object that’s up the top of the photo, on the left of the concrete pillar? that’s an origami peace crane, spotlit from underneath.


The planes and crane were made from pages of the bible… the reflection around it worked on the theme that swords and ploughshares are made from the same metal, we choose which we will make…


the vinyl lettering is still adhered to the wall. it seems to add a nice touch to the carpark.

more of mike’s photos can be found here. the space looked absolutely fantastic – felt like we were ‘in’ the space more this time, rather than ‘on’ it. i’ll explain that later.

today i’m off to the Afred Acute Psych Unit for a Christmas eve service.


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