political interruption

The Australian federal parliament is voting this week on the changes to Australia’s refugee laws. i talked about these a few weeks ago. if you’ve been watching the news, you’ll have seen that this will not be a walk over for the government – this is one of the few bits of legislation that’s gone before parliament in recent years that public pressure has the capacity to change.

Getup are organising an online petition, they have nearly 50 000 signatures. Go sign here.

The following liberal backbenchers have expressed their opposition to the legislation as it currently stands:� Petro Georgiou, Bruce Baird, Judith Troeth and Russell Broadbent.You can only imagine the pressure they must be getting to give in. You can offer them your support, and encourage them to continue their push for the legislation to be changed by sending an email. Their addresses are to be found here.

The following coalition senators are also demanding changes to the legislation before they will support it: Senator George Brandis, Senator Barnaby Joyce, Senator Payne. Their email addresses can be found here.