These arrived back from the printer yesterday:


They’re an Easter Saturday moment for chaplains to hand out in prisons. thanks to mike and claire for design… and to Sammy Stamp for the funds to get them done.

[another update: if you wanted to get some of these postcards printed, email and I’ll send you the high resolution, print ready pdf]

Easter is firing on all cylinders at the moment [luckily it’s got a momentum of its own because i’m not!]. I’ve just been reading our church newspaper – Crosslight – and i’m a little bemused as to how the Easter Saturday event didn’t make it into the church newspaper when even the secular media are interviewing me about it… That’s been one of the interesting things that’s unfolded in the life of this project. The secular media have been interested from the beginning and keep approaching me for interviews and to write articles, etc. I’m off the radar in the church media.

If the church is the centre of gravity, this project is failing badly. I think it’s because i’m tired that that’s annoying me.

[update: i think i should clarify that i wasn’t distressed when i wrote this, just grumpy!]


  1. Akkkk! This card is absolutely brilliant!!!!
    Any chance I can talk to someone about permission to use it here in Canada?

    And I’m so pleased you’re getting great press. You’re reaching the folks who matter.

  2. Cheryl

    you can talk to me! i can send it to you as a pdf if that’s helpful

  3. redfish

    That single photo justified the business purchase of a new digital SLR – so, on all counts, but mostly the subject we were asked to design for, it was a pleasure.

    Actually, pleasure is entirely the wrong word – for some reason, this postcard was really troublesome. The combination of audience and subject made this little job exceptionally diffuicult. It could have just been that the mojo wasn’t flowin’ as usual. (designer’s mojo is really important!). But mostly, I think that whenever we do a piece of design, we see it through the eyes of the audience, and this time it hurt to look out on anything from this audience’s perspective. It was like putting on seven more coats of cynicsm, or something. We had all kinds of tricky type treaments and image croppings to begin with, but this simple “text-on-photo” is where we ended up.

    I’m glad you like it.


  4. Judy Redman

    The postcard is brilliant! Congratulations Cheryl and Mike (and teams?) My enduring memories of the small amount of prison visiting that I did when I was coordinating prison chaplaincy are of a man in one of the new private prisons clinging to the wire fence and staring longingly out into the distance and of a young man who had talked about the peer mentoring program for a chaplains’ inservice that I’d arranged several months beforehand arriving in my office in Little Collins St a few days after being released and telling me how difficult he was finding it not to have his days totally regimented by the system. As I talked to inmates, I became soooo aware of how different their lives are to those of most churchgoers.

    I think the church finds projects like this scary, because what the projects do is so alien to what most churchgoers find comfortable. I don’t think the project is failing.

  5. I can understand you feeling tired Cheryl – it’s always hard to be a person expected to stand in two camps, and make sense to both. What were those mantra’s of yours again? “this too will pass, this too wil pass…”

    Always much preferred your other, less poetic, mantra!

    The postcards are absolutely brilliant – as is your willingness to share this journey with us.

  6. Cheryl

    i’d forgotten my mantras! no wonder things weren’t quite right.

    let nothing disturb me, all things are passing…

    i do no hold the whole truth…

    [and there’s the third, which you know quite well, and which will remain unprinted…!]

  7. Blair

    oops, there was meant to be a Sandra Boynton image in that last post, but I guess your comment-guard axed it.

    It said: “Don’t let the turkeys get you down.”

    =) B

  8. Kel

    how ’bout a new mantra . . . the church is not the centre of gravity
    or this one . . . off the radar is where the best work gets done

    it is frustrating when the very people you think should be paying attention don’t bat an eyelid
    would it help if i told you that the people who are paying attention are probably more grateful for the message and it’s medium, so you’ve reached your real target audience

  9. Cheryl

    thanks blair.

    Kel, that is indeed a good new mantra! actually, the first two were quite appropriate for today…

  10. I love the card too!

    And would appreciate a copy of the pdf. Where did you get it printed? Did you do it yourself?

  11. Jane Alton

    I’d [be grateful if oyu could send me the postcard too! Thanks this is the first time I’ve seen your site (I got to it through jonny baker) I think its great. Thank you

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