don’t come to the divers’ alibi at port melbourne tonight! we’re changing the date to a couple of weeks time so that all those who want to come, can. i’ll put the new date up here as soon as i know it. [update: new date is may 9]

i’m pared back to doing the absolute minimum this week, which won’t include much blogging. i’m spending most of each day lying flat on the floor, trying to get over an inflamed joint in my lower back. [i’ve not had an inflamed joint in my back before. apologies if i’ve ever been dismissive of anyone who has.]

most of my energy is focussed on getting ready for thursday afternoon. i’m going into Port Philip prison to begin writing some psalms with the men there… we’re doing this over a three week block, starting with psalms of anger and lament, and seeing where we move onto from there. at least, i assume we are – i haven’t yet heard that i’ve been cleared to go in. i haven’t quite worked out how to approach it yet. We’re going to have to spend a fair bit of time getting in a space where the men know they can be angry at God and life.

the reports coming back from chaplains about the easter worship and postcards have been great. i’m also putting together a collection of ‘ordinary’ worship resources for them to use on a weekly basis.


  1. Di Greenwood

    I would be interested in coming along on 9 May. Not sure whether this is an open group / or if I’m “too old”!!

  2. Cheryl

    it’s certainly an open group, and there’s no such thing as too old… i really hope you can come. bear in mind we’re still in a conversation stage… email me at if you’d like my mobile number to find us there. we’ll be in the dining space.

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