PPW workshop

“When the forms of an old culture are dying, the new culture is created by a few people who are not afraid to be insecure.”
– Rudolf Bahro [someone sent me this quote tonight! it seemed to resonate with today…]

Welcome if you’ve arrived here after today’s workshop… it was good to spend the day with you.

The sites i recommended this afternoon are proost, jonny baker‘s worship tricks, and the alternative worship site which has dozens of links to fantastic communities around the world…

I promised I’d put up where the music was from – by memory, i used Peter Broderick, Lou Rhodes, Sigur Ros and Helios

The other resources are all available through this site. The water space from this morning is outlined here
The stuff we did in the prison over Easter is here, and the Holy Saturday service at docklands is here [click on the links at the top of the page to take it to the next page for more of the space].
Finally, the upcoming solstice event is advertised here!

And i’d love to hear of where things go from here…


  1. Ann

    Dear Cheryl,
    The time flew. Music was sublime, and visuals transported me to many places. I have looked at new web sites, am experimenting with what might be different, and am looking forward to Sunday with some trepidation. Thank you for your time, imagination, and prophetic vision. One of the few workshops I have been to where it seemed all too short. Would love to be able to come in and learn how to use some of the resources more effectively – or at least try.
    many thanks, blessings on you and your ministry, Ann

  2. Christine Moimoi

    Thank you! I came home and trawled through the sites I had not previously visited, and have since had a lovely time downloading stuff from alternativeworship which gives some marvellous suggestions. You were right – Trinity isn’t a topic for other ways of worshipping! And I am pleased to report that the worship group decided to give Trinity the flick for alternative methods – just tried and true that Sunday. But we will go with ‘water’ in July sometime and my head is leaping all over the place to work out how to utilise some of what we experienced at the workshop/retreat. Wonderful. More please. And where did you find that water loop again? Short term memory problems I think ….I look forward to experiencing and learning more in the future.


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