i subscribed to Proost at Greenbelt, mostly because i thought it was a great idea – i love that jonny and jon have created a way of sharing resources amongst alt worshipping communities which is accessible, directed by those who are committed to and involved in alt worship, and not dominated by the whimsies and profit lines of book publishing companies [i’m terribly cynical about the book publishing industry]… i hadn’t done much research into what was available on the site. i confess i winced a little at the cost and wondered how it would go down in Australia.

Then yesterday i started to download stuff and realised what an incredible goldmine of resources it is.

There are audio, movie and book downloads – a fantastic selection of resources from a whole range of alternative worship communities, and it’s good stuff. i rarely find things that i’m happy to use ‘as is’, but i’ve bookmarked a lot of stuff already to play with. I’ve just downloaded the pocket liturgy series – the lovely thing about these is that because they’ve come from different alt worship communities, the liturgies are really grounded and real. The movies are excellent – there’s enough variety to work in a whole stack of contexts [have a look at the one on Beatitudes – just brilliant]. I’m about to start downloading the music. so far it seems each section of the site is worth the cost of the subscription in itself – and when you subscribe for a year you can download it all, as often as you want, along with all the new material that will be added throughout the year.

The subscription does look pretty expensive (it’s about A$150 for an annual subscription). i don’t have a massive resources budget, and i’m pretty selective about what i buy with it. i have to say, though, that this is an absolute bargain – there’s so much here that i’ll actually use. As i said before, the real strength in this collection is that it’s the work of real life alt worship communities. It’s stuff that works, it has the flavour of reality – it’s not just ideas that are clever but unrealistic. Break the cost down into a monthly bite and it seems pretty reasonable; go further and get a taste of what you get for that amount of money, and you’ll realise that this – quite seriously – is perhaps the best value resource in the alt worship scene.