Qld floods – an appeal

The floods in Queensland are a disaster for which words like ‘devastating’ and ‘terrifying’ should be reserved for. The situation in Queensland got a whole lot worse yesterday, and it’s not getting any better today.

Al Macrae has launched a UCA appeal – details are below:

In response to the devastation caused by the flooding in Queensland, a National Appeal has been launched by the Assembly in co-operation with the Queensland Synod and Lifeline Queensland to enable the UCA to play its part in the care and recovery of affected communities, families and individuals.
The proceeds of all monies raised through the appeal will be used to:
· provide emergency assistance to flood affected victims who have missed out on the immediate help they need;
· provide for longer-term pastoral support, rehabilitation and recovery programs for individuals, families and communities devastated by floods.
The Uniting Church has developed expertise over many years in responding to community needs in times of crisis in both the short and longer term. Sending in teams of trained ministers and counsellors into the traumatised communities at a time when other assistance is dropping off has been a very effective contribution. Following that up by providing longer-term support, sometimes by appointing a counsellor to be present inan affected community for months or even years later, has also proved to be of enormous help.

Tax deductible donations can be made here or by phone on (07) 3250 1840.