a moment of whimsy, put out there in case you’re over it as well…

i’d like a thick skin
the kind that takes nicks and cuts
without flooding them with blood
and where the scab forms quickly
and falls off when and as it should

and if it has to be scaly
well, i’m fine with that
over all the alternatives.

and i’d quite like to be able
to bump into walls
without a bruise the size of
tasmania appearing

because i bump into walls a lot
these days.

i’d like to have the resilience that comes
from knowing the big picture
the long picture
the long now
from knowing that this moment
doesn’t end
and this state of being
of you and me
isn’t the whole picture
even today
let alone tomorrow

i’d like that,
and the kind of memory
that stretches survival of the past
into the future.

but i’d settle for the thick skin
just so i’ll not bruise
and bleed
from standing near you.


  1. Lisa Hall

    It’s always a trade off…thick skin protects us, and right now i see the appeal of it, but thick skin also stops good things from penetrating the tough exterior too….who knows which is better…it’s always a trade off!

  2. Blair

    Yep. I find the things that really damage me get past a thick skin anyway; and when they do – boy do *they* bruise! Thanx for this, C.

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