raw material

cleaning up my desk… found this scrap of paper with stuff i wrote down from a visit in prison… thoughts from the men about faith.

We believe there has to be more than one God.

We believe if you pray to God, God will help you.

We believe that god wants the best for you, that the best is a full and rich life… (and a house in the Bahamas and a helicopter).

We believe that religion is a way to make money.

We believe that not everything people say about God is true.

We think sometimes life is really shit.

We believe there’s something mysterious and divine about how the world began, that we can’t understand.

We believe God sent Jesus to heal people

We believe Jesus will come again.

We don’t know how to pray.

We believe that all the knocks in life make you who you are, that there is nothing in life that you can’t handle.

We believe that when we really need God, he’s not there.

We believe that when we’ve asked God for help, God’s not answered.

We believe in hope because of our children, and the people around us who think we can change, begin again.

We believe these things.

And often we doubt them.