i blogged once before about this: rebar’s park(ing) installation, transforming a metered parking spot into a public park. (I see that on the website they have instructions for how to make your own!)

San Francisco Weekly have an article on Rebar this week. You can find it here. It’s the most inspiring thing i’ve read for months. i wanted to quote the lot, but thought i’d limit myself to the following:

“Passmore and Bela crowd into a small table full of Rebar collaborators, munching burritos as they hatch their next harebrained scheme of a work of art. They’re at a Mission bar called the Latin American Club, the closest thing Rebar has to a studio or office. It’s here that they’ve conceived of the majority of Rebar’s pieces, while consuming what probably amounts to a few kegs’ worth of microbrewed beer… Bela often repeats the idealistic notion that Rebar isn’t a group of three or four guys, but anyone who ever sits around this table at the Latin….”