religion, media and culture: a conversation

Paul Emerson Teusner has emailed to let me know that Dr Heidi Campbell is going to be in town in October, and that Paul’s organising a dinner with Heidi in Fitzroy, for people interested in a conversation about religion, culture and media. I think it will be an amazing opportunity…

For those of you [like me] who are out of this particular loop, the following information might entice you [like me] to put it in your diary…

Dr Campbell is an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University and one of the world’s leading scholars in religion and online media. Her research has taken her from inner urban life in Glasgow through mainstream churches in Auckland to where religion, history and politics collide in Israel.

Heidi’s teaching and research centres on the social shaping of technology, rhetoric of new media, and themes related to the intersection of media religion and culture, with a special interest in the internet and mobile phones. She has written a book, Exploring Religious Community Online: We are one in the network, looking at how members of online religious communities connect their online and offline social-religious networks. Her current research is an investigation of Jewish, Muslim & Christian communities’ historic perceptions and contemporary use of media technologies, forthcoming as a text, When Religion Meets New Media.

For those who have any interest in how online technology is shaping how people are seeing and interacting with the world, or want to know how creative uses of new technologies are making new opportunities for people to connect, grow and learn, this is a chance to have questions explored.

Heidi is also keen to hear stories of Australians who have tried out religion on the Internet, whether the experience is good or bad or somewhere in between. Come along and share with her what the 21st century Australian spirit sounds and smells like.

Date: Monday 12 October 2009. 7pm.
Venue: Pireaus Blues Restaurant, 310 Brunswick St Fitzroy (Melbourne).
Sit-down dinner, a la carte (Main prices from $15 to $30).
RSVP: Friday 9 October to