Reminder about Pete Rollins

I’m just back from NCYC in Perth… it was a pretty intense week. It was – as always – a privilege to be involved in such an event.

Pete Rollins was superb. It was wonderful to watch some of the young people i know who are pretty cautious and sceptical about Christianity, faith and the church coming to life while listening to Pete speak. I wish that those who say that apophatic theology (and the worship that emerges from it) has no place in youth ministry – that young people need certainty and a system of articulated beliefs – could listen to the stories i’ve heard this week.

Pete’s in Melbourne for the next week. There are two events that still have some space:

Tuesday 16th January – “Dangerous or Just Pretentious – alternative worship and the emerging church”: The Gem (formerly known as the Curry Family Hotel), 289 Wellington Street, Collingwood at 7.30

Wednesday 17th January “Heretical Orthodoxy”: The Retreat, 226 Nicholson Street, Abbotsford at 7.30

Both of these cost $5. Please email Grace at to let us know you’re coming.

for more information, download the pdf here: PeteRollins.pdf


  1. you didnt bychance grab his notes or recordngs of these talks? wouldnt mind checking them out.

    btw cute pics of the roo’s, just hope he didnt give it a cold…

  2. Cheryl

    we’re recording tonight’s (heretical orthodoxy). I think we also might have some recordings of the bible studies at NCYC coming our way. They’re of dodgy quality, but good enough to listen to. I’ll try to get them up here next week.

    it was good to see you at ncyc, hope the next few weeks go well.

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