Remnant wrap up: 1


Some things call up memories without any effort at all:
the sound of waves on sand
the ache of the morning after the night before
an image of a plane flying into a building
the rank smell of sweat from a fellow tram traveller

The response we have when we come in contact with those things
will be as unique and individual
as our fingerprint.

No-one else will hear the waves in quite the same way you do.

Our memories provide us with our sense of self.
Whether we are conscious of them or not,
they are one of the first things that will determine if we are
comfortable or uncomfortable
with our surroundings.

They tie our past with our present,
and will be what we use to make sense of our future.

Perhaps, for you, the sound of waves is tangled with happiness.
For someone else, it will forever be the noise which marked the end of their innocence.

Open the bell jars.
Add your memory to the list.

belljars 2

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