Remnant wrap up: 2

We took one of the promo images and ran it through a photocopier… then ran the copy through again… and repeated the process about 150 times. The starting image was like this:

copy 1

The final image was like this:

copy 2

Those, and all in between, were laid out on the floor. People could select one to write a memory on.

Alongside them were words that went like this:

We sometimes imagine that our memory is like a small compartment in our brain, housing a video camera, digital sound recording and a stenographer, all working seamlessly to store every moment.

‘I swear, this is exactly what happened…’

In fact,
our memories are
highly suggestible and changeable.

Unknowingly and unwittingly,
each time we call up a memory,
we add to it –
where we currently are,
and what we believe right now
about ourselves and the others in the memory.

The memory is stored again, revised and edited,
with an entirely new set of synaptic connections in our brain,
and the old version is erased.

So each time we recall an event
our memory of it is changed,

And we have no way of telling what doesn’t belong.

Is there a memory you need to be true?
Something you need to keep intact as best you can?

What is it that matters in that memory?
Tell its story here.

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