Remnant wrap up: 5

We’d had a posh lunch during the preparation [first time ever that we’ve had time to really stop for lunch…] and we left the remnants on the table, dusting them for fingerprints.

While magnetic fields dissipate over time, they never
– never –
completely disappear.

So every thought ever considered, every moment of pleasure and pain, every fear, every love, every word, every image, ever

is held by the world in an infinitesimal magnetic trace.

The memories and thoughts of all people who have lived
survive through time and space.


Stay here a moment,
and remember those who are
no longer here.

If their memory haunts or smothers you,
know that the world can hold them for you
when you no longer can.

Or if it feels like they are slipping from your grasp,
– that the fingerprints of their life are slowly being erased –
trust that the world will keep their memory safe.

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