Remnant wrap up: 6

And finally, just as people had added memories to the space, we gave the chance for them to let some go:

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There’s only one person on record as being able to remember everything. He’s a Russian journalist, known simply as ‘S’, who can remember long lists of unrelated items, and recite them in order, 15 years after being told them once.

But he says himself that remembering every detail comes at a cost. He has no headspace to understand the abstract. He can’t clear his brain in order to see a big picture.

He can’t imagine new realities, because he’s trapped by all the things he knows.

It seems that sometimes,
to see the big picture,
we have to let a fact,
or a truth,
or a memory,

What memories shape what you know about living?

What is the truth they give you,
and the truth they stop?

If you are able, cut one of the threads and
– even if just for a moment –
let what you know go
and see what might be possible instead.

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